Trinity7 Pneumatic Power Hammer

Trinity7 Pneumatic Power Hammer

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This pneumatic power hammer is the natural choice for any smith looking to ramp up production. With its medium weight hammer and standard drawing/flatting dies, work that previously took hours can be completed in mere minutes. Its sleek and simple design also means that it can fit in just about any workshop, and it is one of the most affordable power hammers for sale in South Africa.

• 25kg hammer

• 250mm stroke height

• Single action peddle

• Overall height: 2000mm

• Base: 400mm x 500mm

• Total weight approx 300kg

• 100% local manufactured with local parts available

• Supplied with drawing/flatting combo dies


The hammer needs to be floor mounted, for optimal performance it should be mounted to a concrete plinth of at least 500x500x500mm

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