Trinity7 Forging Press

Trinity7 Forging Press

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This versatile machine is the perfect fit for a smith looking to take on more daunting projects, but who still wants a great deal of flexibility. Manufactured to a high standard in South Africa, this 10 ton press gets the job done with a minimum of hassle.

• 10 ton press

• 20mm movement per second

• 220v power pack

• 220mm ram travel

• 220mm daylight

• Supplied with standard drawing flatting combo dies

• Quick release die plates

• Pedal/foot activation for two hand forging

• Various dies available on request

The press has a one year carry in warranty on build quality, the power pack has a one year manufacturers warranty.

A 220v supply of the appropriate gauge wire needs to be run from the main db board from a dedicated circuit breaker directly to the power pack/press.